The 9 Deadly Sins of a Light Order Management System

Many retailers learn the hard way that a “light” order management system can be growth’s enemy #1. It’s not that a light OMS does anything bad. It’s just that there are too many important tasks it will refuse to do. What crimes against your bottom line does the lite OMS commit? Read on to learn 9 ways a Light OMS hurts retail profits.


Omnichannel Insights: 3 Retailers Who Are Getting it Right

Multichannel commerce reached an epic milestone in 1925 -- when Sears opened it’s first store, 40 years after launching its mail order catalog. Today, retailers struggle to delight customers as their shopping journeys skip from online, to stores to mobile devices. See how REI, Oasis Fashions, and Crate & Barrel are getting omnichannel retail right.


The Essential Order Management System (OMS) Primer

Multichannel retailers are selling through more channels and fulfilling through more complex supply chains than ever. Meanwhile, customers expect consistent experiences across channels. Learn how a modern Order Management System (OMS) orchestrates orders and fulfillment across channels, and see why, without a modern OMS, retailers can’t scale and thrive.

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