Wish Lists and Favorites

Give Yourself the Gift that Keeps on Giving - More Sales Through Wish Lists and Favorites

Give yourself the gift of more online sales. Give your customers the ecommerce features they want. Engage customers in the shopping experience. Let them keep track of items they would like to purchase in the future. Make re-ordering easier. Activate GoECart’s Wish List and Favorites features.

Let Customers Buy When They are Ready

Give customers the same kind of Wish List and Favorites functionality used on Amazon.com, Staples.com, and other major ecommerce properties. Integrate “Add to Wish List” and “Add to Favorites” buttons beside the “Add to Cart” button on all product pages. Customize the buttons to match your online store’s theme.

Don’t Lose a Sale if Stock is Out or Running Low

Don’t fret when demand is outpacing your supply. Let registered customers add products to their Wish List and buy them at a later time. Let customers return to your site at any time and purchase the saved items directly from their personalized Wish List. Each Wish List line item contains a thumbnail of the product, the product title, a link to the product detail page, quantity box and pricing. Make it easy for customers to return to your site and complete that purchase once the item is back in stock.

Make Re-Ordering a Cinch with Favorites

Give your customers a web-browser-like Favorites capability-right inside your web site. Let them bookmark their favorite products to make re-ordering a breeze. This can be helpful in both business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C) industries like office supplies, online grocery, industrial and sanitation products Рany place where the customer routinely needs to replenish supplies. Let customers organize favorites into unique categories to facilitate re-ordering. For example, seasonal and weekly reorders can be grouped separately to make the items easier to find. Facilitate repeat orders via organized Favorite lists and watch customers return to your storefront time and again.

Let customers build custom lists of Favorites to facilitate re-ordering.

Let Customers Easily Transfer Items to Their Shopping Cart from the Wish List or Favorites Page

Ensure your customers’ wishes come true. Give them the favorites they want. Give customers the capability to move items from Wish List or Favorites to Shopping Cart and Vice Versa with a single click.

Use your wishlist to hold out-of-stock products for your customers, or for customers to track certain products.

See all Customer Wish Lists from the Admin Console

View customer wish lists behind the scenes. Design targeted marketing programs to unlock additional sales. Use this valuable data to predict future sales and inventory requirements.