The 9 Deadly Sins of a Light Order Management System

Many retailers learn the hard way that a “light” order management system can be growth’s enemy #1. It’s not that a light OMS does anything bad. It’s just that there are too many important tasks it will refuse to do. What crimes against your bottom line does the lite OMS commit? Read on to learn 9 ways a Light OMS hurts retail profits.

5 Ways to Profit from Buy Online Pickup In Store Programs

Buy Online Pickup In Store (aka Click and Collect) programs enable consumers to buy items online and pickup in the store. Savvy bricks and clicks retailers are using these programs to differentiate and win versus pure play ecommerce retailers. See our slideshare to learn Click and Collect program benefits, their challenges, and how to run a winning program.

5 Ways Omnichannel Retailers Increase Profits with Ship From Store Programs

In the past few years, many omnichannel retailers have deployed Ship from Store programs. With Ship From Store, merchants fulfill some or all online orders by shipping from stores, instead of from warehouses, to improve customer experience. Learn how these strategies deliver orders faster, cut shipping costs, and more.

How to Calculate ROI for Order Management Platforms

Order management platforms generate the enterprise-wide view of orders and inventory needed to give your customers amazing omnichannel experiences. But what’s it worth to you? How can you measure the financial impact of inventory optimization, fulfillment efficiency improvements, and streamlined operations? Download our OMS ROI Calculator.

How Top Retailers Turn Omnichannel Strategies into Sales

There is growing evidence that consumers like to shop across multiple channels, and the ones that do drive the biggest profits for retailers. In this whitepaper from Internet Retailer you will learn how leading retail chains and web-only players are adopting successful omnichannel strategies to drive sales growth and improve customer experience.

Omnichannel Insights: 3 Retailers Who Are Getting it Right

Multichannel commerce reached an epic milestone in 1925 — when Sears opened it’s first store, 40 years after launching its mail order catalog. Today, retailers struggle to delight customers as their shopping journeys skip from online, to stores to mobile devices. See how REI, Oasis Fashions, and Crate & Barrel are getting omnichannel retail right.

Boost Ecommerce Conversions & Revenue With A/B Testing [Webinar]

Would your business benefit from a 325% increase in email clicks? Or a 300% increase in leads from landing pages? If you’re performing A/B testing on your retail website, then you’re likely achieving these levels of improvements every day. A/B testing consists of comparing two variations of the same web page to learn which one performs the best and improve conversion rates and revenue.

How to Market and Sell on Pinterest [Webinar]

Pinterest is a rising tide that’s lifting many online retailers’ ships. With thin retail margins making every 1% increase in traffic matter more every day, the power of Pinterest’s visual engagement platform can be profound. Merchants that ignore Pinterest do so at their own peril. Watch our free, on-demand webinar to learn how mid-market retailers are marketing and selling to Pinterest’s 175mm+ monthly visitors.

Avoid the Wrong Commerce Platform Choice – Unified Commerce vs. Separate Systems

As a merchant, your goal is to delight your customers. Your customers care about their experience, and not the tools you use to provide it. To this end, we’ve created an overview of the pros and cons of 3 different technology approaches to delivering superior retail sales and service experience – Unified Commerce, Stand-Alone Solutions, and a Hybrid Approach.

Building an Effective Digital Loyalty Program in the Amazon Age [Free Webinar]

Did you know that you can boost your revenues by 95% if you increase customer loyalty by 5%? In fact, it is seven times costlier to acquire a new customer than to retain an old one. Companies like Amazon and Nordstrom know loyalty pays back and have invested in creating outstanding rewards programs. These retailers have millions of subscribers and are market leaders in customer loyalty.

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