Turning Today’s Smart Shoppers into Loyal Customers

When you ring up a sale with a brand new customer, whether online or in a store, is that the end of the relationship? Or is it just the beginning? In her best-selling book “The Membership Economy,” Robbie Kellman Baxter makes a clear case for the latter. The economics are profound, as it costs 7x more to acquire a new customer than to earn a repeat visit.

3 Strategies to Fulfill Like Amazon

We can be certain that Amazon is spending millions to improve and optimize its shipping processes. Ecommerce merchants can take advantage of Amazon’s efforts to increase profits. This post describes three strategies to fulfill like Amazon, even if you have a fraction of its scale and infrastructure.


5 Ways to Improve the Parcel Delivery Experience

“The last mile” is now the Holy Grail of ecommerce shipping. A merchant can do an amazing job of selling and provide an outstanding shopping experience, yet if the package is late or damaged, a customer may complain on social media, even if the carrier is to blame. Here are a few ways that merchants can provide an outstanding delivery experience and produce a positive brand impression.


7 Ways Retailers Can Make Free Shipping Profitable

One of the most important and potentially expensive decisions that an online retailer can make is whether or not to offer free shipping. Few decisions can increase conversions as much. And fewer still can increase expenses as much either. Find out how online retailers can transform free shipping from a money loser into a profit center.


7 Ways to Turn Post-Purchase Interactions into New Sales

The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60 percent to 70 percent, compared with the 5 percent to 20 percent chance of selling to a new customer, according to the White House Office of Consumer Affairs. With that in mind, we recently shared important marketing tips on how to engage post-purchase customers to drive higher sales and CLTV.


Why Online Retailers Must Offer Date-Certain Shipping This Holiday Season

This holiday season, ecommerce merchants will face the toughest retail environment they’ve ever encountered, with Amazon poised to capture nearly 50% of U.S. online sales. Date certain shipping is one of Amazon’s key differentiators. FedEx, UPS, and even the US Postal Service, provide their customers with real-time shipment updates.


BigCommerce Enterprise Order & Inventory Management Software

As BigCommerce merchants grow, some processes that worked well at $5mm in revenue break down as they approach $10mm. Order fulfillment and inventory management are hit hard by growth, significantly impacting customer satisfaction and profitability. Find out four ways Order & Inventory Management software transforms these challenges into growth opportunities.

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