Would your business benefit from a 325% increase in email clicks? Or a 300% increase in leads from landing pages?

If you’re performing A/B testing on your retail website, then you’re likely achieving these levels of improvements, page-by-page and email-by-email, every day.

If not, consider this: If you are running pay-per-click advertising campaigns, and you increase click-to-conversion from 5% to 10%, then you’ll reduce your acquisition cost or your cost per lead by 50%.

A/B testing compares two variations of the same web page, email, ad, or other marketing asset to learn which one performs the best among customers and increases conversion rates and revenue. The change can be as simple as a single headline or button, or be a complete redesign of the marketing asset.


Let’s look at an example
Version A
A/B Testing Best Practices for Ecommerce Landing Pages
Version B
Pulse Commerce Webinar: A/B Testing for Retail Websites
Winner:  Version A generated 439% more leads!


Low cost and easy to use, A/B testing has become a go-to technique for marketers striving to increase conversion rates and revenue, often generating 100%+ improvements in critical KPIs. However, there is no magic formula. If A/B test results were repeatable for every website every time, there would be no need to A/B test at all. Every audience is different.

Patrick McKenzie asserts, in a KissMetrics Blog Post about A/B Testing, that success hinges on Incubating a culture of testing – Many companies resort to a culture of “let’s ask what the boss thinks”. Don’t leave it to the boss to decide; let the data decide.

Almost anything on your website, landing pages, and emails can be A/B tested, including headlines, paragraph text, testimonials, calls to action (CTAs), buttons, images, media mentions, promotions, navigation, subject lines, and more.

And there are multiple KPIs you may seek to improve, depending on your goals. KPIs to improve include click through rate, average order value, conversion rate, product page views, add to cart rate, and revenue per visitor.

A/B testing seems simple on the surface, but can be quite complex. What do we test? And what metrics are we using to decide whether Option A or Option B wins?

In this free, on-demand webinar, Pulse Commerce’s CEO, Manish Chowdhary, and My Wedding Reception Ideas‘ CEO, Ray Miller, provide retailers with insights on:

    • What is A/B testing
    • Why you should use A/B tests
    • How A/B testing can increase revenue and conversions
    • Which aspects of ecommerce can be A/B tested
    • How to conduct a successful A/B test