Pulse Commerce announced today its new integration with Echo Global Logistics, a leading provider of technology-enabled transportation and supply chain management services.

Joint clients, such as Eurotec Seating, now benefit from Echo’s superior shipping logistics services. For example, integration of the new API gives Eurotec access to Echo’s fulfillment options from within the Pulse Commerce Order & Inventory Platform. Features include:

    • Multi-carrier rate quotes
    • Quote selection and shipment generation
    • Echo bill of lading (BOL) and shipping label printing
    • Freight carrier rate calculation and shipment selection

Client warehouse teams are given multiple carrier and pricing choices at the time of fulfillment, based on ship-to address and total product weight – real money and time savers.

The API automates tasks that were manually intensive for sales, customer service and warehouse staff. The advanced integration eliminates the need to switch between multiple applications, spreadsheets and paper, and also eliminates the associated data entry errors that accompanied those tasks.

The API also enables shoppers to select shipping classes and delivery options, minimizing fulfillment errors and unexpected shipping fees. Options include:

    • Lift-gate
    • Inside delivery
    • Residential options (e.g. limited access, notification prior to delivery)

Clients like Eurotec also reduce shipping expenses using Echo Global Logistics rate shopping tool, which provides real-time pricing and transportation time estimates and helps shorten sales cycles. Sales and customer service staff can specify the location type for additional accuracy, reducing the risk for potential delivery complications. – e.g.

    • Construction Site
    • Trade Show
    • Residential
    • Business

Whether shipping to a warehouse with a receiving bay that requires a lift gate, or to a residence with limited access, notice prior to delivery, users can easily select the shipping option that best meets their requirements. In addition to saving money, merchants ensure their customers receive shipments on time and that carrier relationships remain strong.

Users can also streamline logistics by communicating details about the pickup from the Warehouse. For example, users can select indicators for:

    • Inside Pickup
    • Hazardous Material
    • Lift-Gate
    • Single Shipment
    • Freeze Protection requirements

Users can even print the bill of lading (BOL) and shipping label directly from the Pulse Commerce application – there’s no need to log into two systems and re-enter information!

Pulse Commerce and Echo Global Logistics have simplified a complex process for distributors, wholesalers, retailers and their customers. It’s a great example of how technology innovation can improve productivity for every stakeholder:

    • More accurate rates for merchants and consumers
    • Higher productivity and fewer errors
    • More satisfied consumers
    • Higher brand loyalty and margins

To learn more about how Pulse Commerce and Echo Global Logistics can help you improve your businesses’ profitability, contact Pulse Commerce Sales to schedule a personalized 1-on-1 demo.