If you’re an online retailer who sells custom products, then you know how hard it is to boost online conversion rates and reduce returns. Customers are unsure what the final product will look like. And if it doesn’t meet expectations, returns and dissatisfied customers are likely.


Dynamic imaging helps retailers improve online conversions and reduce returns
  • Customers preview their customized products (e.g. imprint, engraving, embroidery, etc.), increasing conversions.
  • Products are more likely to match a computer image than a mental image, so returns are lower.
View our on-demand webinar to learn:
  • What is dynamic imaging? And why is it important for converting online shoppers into buyers?
  • What are the types of Dynamic imaging? What are the differences between Production Imaging and Customization Imaging. Which ones make sense in which situations?
  • Dynamic Imaging Retailer Case Study:  How a mid-market specialty gifts retailer increased conversions with dynamic imaging?
  • Benefits to Your Business: How can you give your customers the best shopping experience that leads to more sales and less abandoned carts?