Click here to watch on-demand Webinar Data and analytics are the oil of the Internet Age. More and more retailers of all sizes are using data and analytics to improve operations and decision-making. Without this oil, it’s impossible to keep your retail engine running in the race with Amazon and Walmart. In fact, as of August 2017 over 6,300 2017 U.S retail store closings had been announced. To survive in this environment, retailers must analyze and manage against key performance indicators (KPIs) to continuously improve service levels, cut inventory costs, increase conversions, sales, average order values and much more. The good news for middle market merchants is that the data analysis capabilities they need are readily available. Not long ago, the required data and analytics were available only to much larger retailers.

Amazon + Wal-Mart = Higher service levels + lower prices = Lower Margins

As a result, the retail landscape is changing at a meteoric pace. These companies have increased customer expectations and the cost of delighting consumers. At the same time, they’ve cut costs and continue to grow while maintaining razor thin margins. The impact? Extinction level events are happening thousands of times per year.

Watch our on-demand webinar, How Smart Retailers Use Data to Grow Profitability, to see how mid-market retailers like you can analyze your data and KPIs to increase sales, increase inventory turns, reduce working capital requirements and increase profitability. This webinar, hosted by Pulse Commerce’s CEO, Manish Chowdhary, and Juno Active’s Jim Nekola, covers:

Important KPIs to track and improve:
  • Sales KPIs
  • Order and Inventory KPIs
Important levels of analysis
  • Store and channel level KPIs and benchmarks
  • Category, item and sku level KPIs
Critical decisions and their impacts
  • Which products are driving growth and which are a drag on profits?
  • Which items should be pruned from the catalog?
  • Which items should we promote more aggressively?
Juno Active Case Study
  • How a women’s plus size activewear retailer increases profits with KPI and data analytics
  • Reports and KPIs for sales, orders and inventory
  • Critical decisions

Watch it now for some pragmatic tips to help you get ahead of the competition.