Pulse Commerce’s CEO, Manish Chowdhary, has been selected to speak at the 2018 Ecommerce Operations Summit in Columbus, OH.

This year’s Summit is a 3-day event, laser focused on optimizing direct-to-consumer and omnichannel operations and fulfillment.  Pulse Commerce’s platform enables mid-market B2C and B2B merchants to deliver superior omnichannel experiences across all channels. The Summit is an ideal audience for the Pulse Commerce message.

Many ecommerce retailers see a customer’s first purchase as the final step of the buyer journey. We work with smart merchants who see the first order as the beginning of a life long customer relationship. Thus they build operations to embrace the entirety of the customer experience – delivery, shipping updates, order modification, returns, ongoing connection and loyalty, and much more.

The Pulse Commerce platform, helps mid-market retailers manage their orders and inventory efficiently turn orders around faster, increase inventory turns, and improve cash flow. Through our work with clients, we’ve seen first hand how retailers deliver omnichannel post-sales experiences by maintaining a real-time view of all orders, inventory, products, and customer history across all ecommerce channels (website, marketplaces, drop-shipping) and fulfillment centers.

These insights inspired us to conduct a research study to quantify the impacts of exceptional post-sale ecommerce experiences.

We will share our insights at the conference, with a presentation titled, “The Post-Purchase Retail Experience: Winning After the Delivery.”

Our study is designed to uncover the Impact of different service and customer experience programs on merchant growth rates and sales.

    • Loyalty Programs and Reward Types
    • Returns Window, Days to Refund and Return Shipping Costs
    • Days to Shipment, Days to Delivery
    • Emails, Physical Package and Packing Slip Branding and Marketing
    • Returns Customer Service Experience

We hope you can join us at the event!