Pinterest is a rising tide that’s lifting many online retailers’ ships. With over 200mm monthly users and growing, an increasing share of retail site traffic is driven by Pinterest referrals.

Merchants that ignore Pinterest do so at their own peril. With thin retail margins making every 1% increase in traffic matter more every day, the power of Pinterest’s visual engagement platform can be profound.

The Power of Pinterest

    • 93% of ‘Pinners’ use Pinterest to plan purchases
    • 96% of ‘Pinners’ use Pinterest to gather product information
    • 87% of ‘Pinners’ have decided to purchase because of Pinterest

In this free, on-demand webinar, Pulse Commerce’s CEO, Manish Chowdhary, and My Wedding Reception Ideas‘ CEO, Ray Miller, provide retailers with insights on how mid-market omnichannel retailers are generating demand and growth through Pinterest.

Topics include:

    • Creating a Pinterest business account
    • Pin content and optimization
    • How Pinterest promotes your business
    • Pinterest scheduling tools
    • How to advertise on Pinterest