October 10, 2017, Bridgeport CT – For the 2nd year in a row, the editors of Multichannel Merchant named Pulse Commerce a Top Commerce Platform. With a mission to help omnichannel, ecommerce and direct-to-customer merchants sell and deliver products more effectively, the editors carefully curated a select group of best-in-class providers for the 2018 Top Commerce Platform awards, choosing companies that are “very experienced with unified commerce technology.”

Pulse Commerce’s Order and Inventory Management Platform enables mid-market merchants to deliver amazing omnichannel experiences. The platform unifies existing commerce systems, creating a single view of all orders, inventory, customers, products, and promotions across all sales channels and fulfillment centers.

The cloud-based platform was selected for its profound impact on both B2B and B2C merchants, providing a fast track for retailers, wholesalers and brand manufacturers to move from running multiple business silos to a unified commerce approach. Retailers can add Pulse Commerce as the final piece to the omnichannel puzzle, instead of “ripping and replacing” their entire existing commerce technology stack.

The Inventory Management Software module provides deep insights into inventory, along every dimension – by store, by channel, by sku, and more – so retailers can increase inventory turns, profits, and cash flow. The Order Management System helps retailers turn orders around faster while intelligently routing orders to optimize inventory and fulfillment costs.

With omnichannel retail becoming the new normal, and unified commerce becoming technology table stakes for retailers, Multichannel Merchant felt it was important to designate commerce platforms that can help merchants elevate their game to compete, and win, in today’s cutthroat retail environment.

We purpose built our Order and Inventory platform to deliver Enterprise strength capabilities and features to mid-market merchants, so they can compete on an even playing field with the world’s largest retailers. Our cloud-based platform and robust APIs unleash the power of our clients’ existing technology, without placing a heavy burden on their IT resources. Clients can focus on merchandising, marketing, sales, and fulfillment while we take care of upgrades, uptime, PCI compliance, security, and much more. Our customers can also leverage their brick-and-mortar stores as additional fulfillment centers, cutting down on safety stock requirements and increasing inventory turns and cash flow. Our technology changes the game for our clients.

Manish Chowdhary

CEO, Pulse Commerce


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