Marketplaces Integration

Extend Your Marketplace Lead with Intelligent Order and Inventory Management. Pulse Commerce gives merchants enterprise class inventory and order management back-office capabilities -- and distinct advantages over your marketplace rivals Merchants gain unprecedented visibility and control of orders, inventory, customers, products, promotions and fulfillment across all of your marketplaces and other online and offline retail operations

Higher Marketplace Rankings

If you’re selling on Amazon, eBay or other marketplaces, then you’re facing stiff online competition. You may be competing on price while seeking additional ways to differentiate.

higher marketplace rankings

According to data from One Click Retail, less than one-fifth of clicks by an Amazon shopper are for the second page. Critical drivers of page 1 rank include:

    • Exceptional and relevant product information to feed Amazon’s search algorithm
    • Exceptional user ratings
Syndicate Rich Product Content for Higher Marketplace Search Rankings

Product Information Management features save time, deliver richer product data, and reduce errors. The more time you spend cutting and pasting information into different formats, the less time you can spend creating fantastic product content. Pulse Commerce Order and Inventory Platform automates listing syndication.

    • Leverage popular eBay parameters like shipping templates, payment terms, listing description and duration, reserve price, best offer, etc.
    • Post product options by size, color, and other preferred and optional attributes.
    • Sell in multiple categories.

Deliver Amazing Customer Service for Highest Seller Ratings

Exceed Amazon’s High Standards for Marketplace Sellers

From Amazon’s website: Amazon Seller Performance Targets

All sellers should be working toward achieving and maintaining a level of customer service that meets the following seller performance targets:

    • Order defect rate: < 1%
    • Pre-fulfillment cancel rate: < 2.5%
    • Late shipment rate: < 4%
Robust Inventory Management Keeps Your Pre-Fulfillment Cancel Rate Low

Keep a clear, real-time view of all inventory across all your locations, and therefore orders, to ensure every item you sell is in stock. “Time since last sale” is another important input into Amazon’s search algorithm, so running out of stock hurts you 3 times! First, it increases your pre-fulfillment cancel rate. Second, your days since last sale get worse while you replenish stock. Third, it lowers your search ranking. 


Keep Your Late Shipment Rate Down with Faster Order Turnaround
    • Intelligent order routing sends marketplace orders to the closest fulfillment centers, improving turnaround times.
    • Robust FedEx, UPS and USPS integrations streamline your shipping operations.
    • Accurately print shipping labels and packing slips using the familiar Pulse Commerce Administration panel or using a third-party integrated solution.
    • Enable customers to place orders spanning one or several vendors.

Turn Order Management and Fulfillment into Competitive Advantages

Enterprise class order management, inventory management, and product information management helps your business scale while remaining nimble to act fast.

Bring New Products to Market Faster
    • Add new vendors quickly from the Administration Panel.
    • Publish any products in your product catalog to eBay and Amazon with ease.
    • Create listings in bulk. List a few, 100’s, or 1,000’s of products quickly and easily.
    • Point and click to list, relist, revise, end, and enhance listings.
Avoid Stock-Outs
    • Real-time, sku-level inventory reporting alerts you when days of stock are too low.
    • Intelligent order routing sends orders to the fulfillment center(s) with the highest inventory, preventing stockouts.

Reduce Operating Costs

Stay Price Competitive with Lower Shipping Costs

Pulse Commerce helps you keep your cost structure low to better compete on marketplaces.

    • Reduce carrier costs by shipping from location closest to the customer.
    • Use intelligent carrier selection to choose the least expensive shipping for a given item or route.
    • Bundle with “Fulfillment by Amazon” to have pick, pack and ship your orders.
    • Or, take advantage of Seller Fulfilled Prime program.
Eliminate Redundant Efforts While Reducing Errors
    • Enter price in one place to update across all marketplaces and sales channels. Or even better, execute intelligent channel-specific pricing strategies.
    • Synchronize product information and inventory data between Pulse Commerce, Amazon, eBay and stores to ensure marketplaces are automatically updated with accurate item availability.

Increase Customer Loyalty and Inventory Turns

With Pulse Commerce, contact centers respond faster and more accurately, with a real-time view of all orders, inventory, customers, products and pricing across all fulfillment centers, marketplaces, and sales channels.

Better Service and Greater Loyalty
    • Contact center reps have immediate, searchable access to all orders across all marketplaces
    • Contact center can modify orders and manage returns and exchanges
    • Customers enjoy fast and comprehensive issue resolution
Make Inventory Management a Differentiator
    • Automatically synch your available stock quantities across all sales channels including eBay and Amazon.
    • Optimize inventory turns and shipping time with intelligent order routing. Fulfill from the warehouse with the highest inventory
    • Reduce stockouts, go achieve higher seller ratings on marketplaces

Integrate Confidently Using Native Integrations or Third-Party Apps

Certified Marketplace Integrations

Pulse Commerce’s cloud-based Order and Inventory Management Software has certified integrations with Amazon and eBay, giving you powerful competitive advantages in your topline sales, customer loyalty, speed to market, and fulfillment costs versus other marketplace merchants.

You can integrate with Rakuten, Walmart, Jet, Sears and other marketplaces via apps like ChannelAdvisor, Volo, Monsoon Commerce, FarApp, etc., or you can integrate directly using our powerful APIs built on open XML standards.

Fast, hassle-free integration achieves rapid time to impact from your order and inventory management investment.

Powerful Reporting Tools Facilitate Faster and Smarter Decisions

Gain data and insights that your competitors don’t have, so you can make smarter, more profitable, decisions.

Enterprise Strength Business Insights
    • Track the progress of all your marketplaces and sales channels (gross and net profits, margins, returns, shipping costs, period-over period comparisons, etc.) from within the Pulse Commerce interface.
    • Automatically dispatch order fulfillment, cancellation and package tracking information back to eBay and Amazon.
    • Monitor channel, supplier, and product performance, and other KPIs, via Pulse Commerce’s interactive dashboards and powerful drill-down reports.
    • Exception reports enable pre-emptive action on potential stockouts
    • Track KPIs by marketplace, category, sku, channel, campaign, and more.