Order & Inventory Platform

Pulse Commerce Order & Inventory Platform is the central nervous system of your omnichannel retail operations, providing unprecedented visibility and control of orders, inventory, customers, products, promotions and fulfillment across all of your sales channels and commerce systems.

Distributed Order Management

Delight customers with consistently fast and accurate order turnaround. Streamline internal operations with automated B2B and B2C order processing, fraud detection, secure payments processing, PCI compliance and much more. Pulse Commerce maintains a real-time enterprise wide view of inventory across all sales channels and fulfillment centers, powering a robust feature set.

Intelligent Order Routing, Approval and Fraud Management

Automatically route orders to the optimal fulfillment center. Increase inventory turns by avoiding stockouts and maximizing shipments from locations carrying higher inventory.

Order Splitting, Cancellations and Partial Shipments

Deliver what you can, when you can. Automatically split orders between fulfillment centers to speed up delivery.

Efficient Returns/Exchanges Processing

Align process with policy, and manage reverse logistics as efficiently as initial fulfillment. Link and validate return information against the original order, track status, and create a simple process for customer to promote future visits.

Recurring Subscriptions and Continuity Orders

Dramatically increase customer retention by enabling B2B and B2C recurring orders, such as a weekly coffee delivery or monthly printer paper delivery.

B2B Support for Order Approvals and Spend Management

B2B workflow to manage order approvals and help your customers manage their budget controls.

Enterprise Inventory Management

Real-time visibility of company-wide inventory is the powers our Order & Inventory platform with the insight needed to fuel intelligent order routing, enable omnichannel capabilities such as ship from store, and ensure ecommerce and marketplace store fronts have an accurate view of product availability.

Real-Time Inventory Visibility Across All Stores, Warehouses, and Fulfillment Centers

Real-time visibility of enterprise inventory reduces stock-outs and enables on-demand inventory and profitability reporting.

Multi-Location Inventory and Barcoding

Maintain a centralized real-time view of all inventory across all fulfillment centers at stores. Robust APIs capture real-time inventory updates from your warehouse management and point of sale systems, including returned items.

Barcoding software enables real-time tracking with barcode scanners in warehouses and retail locations.

Back Order and Drop Shipment Tracking

Whether shipping from your own warehouse or via a dropship vendor, track and manage all shipments, including backorders. Create daily exception reports so you can focus on the orders that need management attention most.

Product Information Management (PIM)

Our built in Product Information Management (PIM) features include product catalog taxonomy, data quality & attribute management, and data synchronization across channels.

Fulfillment Management

Flexible Fulfillment Options, Such as Ship-From-Store and Click-and-Collect

Increase inventory turns, shipping from stores with higher inventory levels. And compete with larger retailers that offer buy online and pickup in store.

Multi-Destination Shipping and Delivery Date Selection

Offer multiple-address shipping and checkout to increase average order value. Even schedule orders to arrive on a specific future date, e.g. on someone’s birthday. Make it easy for customers to purchase from your storefront and ship to multiple addresses with our intuitive multi-destination checkout feature.

Certified UPS®, USPS® and FedEx® Integration

Our robust FedEx, UPS and USPS integrations streamline your shipping operations. Print shipping labels and packing slips using the familiar Pulse Commerce Administration panel.

Drop Shipping Integration

Manage your online marketplace operations seamlessly when sourcing or representing merchandise from multiple vendors or shipping from multiple warehouses. Add new vendors quickly from the Administration Panel. Assign products to vendors in accordance with real-world arrangements in place for inventory sourcing. Enable customers to place orders spanning one or several vendors. Notify each vendor automatically about purchases.

Delight Customers with Stellar Service

360 View of Customers, Order History and Behavioral Insights

Give CSRs immediate, real-time access to orders, customer preferences, inventory availability, product catalog and promotions across the entire enterprise.

Delivery Date Choice and Order Scheduling

Empower customers and CSRs to schedule orders to arrive on a specific future date, e.g. on someone’s birthday.

Order Status Lookup and Order Modification

Empower CSRs to modify existing orders and capture new ones – faster and more accurately. Enable customers to review orders and modify unshipped orders online or via a contact center.

Delivery Confirmation and Back-in-Stock Notification Emails

Proactively keep customers informed with order confirmations, delivery confirmations, and alert emails when an out-of-stock item they wanted to buy is available for purchase.

Business Intelligence for Data Driven Decision-Making

Interactive Dashboards to Track All of Your KPIs

Visualize and track trends with interactive web-based performance dashboards. Drive your business more efficiently–with drillable charts and graphs, heat maps, actionable KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and more. Spot trends easily and align activities with key business goals.

Drill Down Reports

Generate a wide variety of reports. Get reports on demand—about orders, inventory, and customers.

Easily Benchmark and Track Each Step of Your Operations from Order-to-Cash

Robust data-driven decision-making tools and business intelligence help you quickly identify bottlenecks and take corrective actions. Drill-down for deeper insights, with dynamic sorting, filtering, and grouping delivery.

Pre-Built Integrations to Help Your Business Scale

Ecommerce Solutions

Native integration with Pulse Commerce Ecommerce Solution is at the core of providing a rich, consistent omnichannel customer experience. Or, choose any of our pre-built integrations with Magento, Shopify and BigCommerce. Alternatively, use our API to connect with any system you choose. Transform your ecommerce storefront with cutting edge capabilities while placing your customers’ online shopping activity in the hands of your store sales associates.

Marketplaces Integration

Native integration with leading marketplaces, including Amazon, eBay and Rakuten, significantly expand reach without expanding infrastructure. Or, integrate easily with third-parties like Channel Advisor, Monsoon Commerce, etc.

Point-of-Sale System

Native integration with Pulse Commerce Point of Sale Solution delivers brings the back-office power of the ecommerce solution to front line store associates, and even enables them to “take the store o the road.” Or, use our API to connect with other cloud-based POS systems.

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