Point of Sale (POS) System

Unify and modernize your store operations by providing a real-time enterprise wide view of products, promotions, and customers to front-line sales associates. Our cloud-based POS software creates a true omnichannel customer experience by placing real-time cross-channel customer activity, orders and inventory in the hands of your brick & mortar store associates.

Deliver Amazing In-Store Shopping Experiences

Empower sales associates to be strong customer advocates and brand ambassadors, providing them with the tools and insights they need to delight shoppers.

Cross-Channel Insight Enhances Customer Experience

Today, most in store purchases begin online, with customers interacting with your retail brand long before they enter the store. Give your front-line sales associates unmatched intelligence, with the customer’s full online footprint directly at the point of sale — including recently viewed items, abandoned shopping cart items, online and offline order history and more.

Empowered Associates Drive Conversion and Satisfaction

Manage price disparity and improve customer satisfaction. Give store managers the ability to price match and perform price and shipping overrides, all armed with enterprise wide visibility into pricing and inventory across locations.

Unify Commerce Operations and Get the Edge

Unify your sales channels and systems by powering your POS with the same back office order management that’s driving your ecommerce operations.

Unified Product Catalog

Streamline your store operations, using a single catalog for ecommerce, stores, marketplaces and telephone centers. Save time and reduce errors.

Buy Online, Pickup in Store

Combine the convenience of online searching, price comparison and easy self-checkout with the knowledge that the items will be in stock, packed and that the customer will be served immediately upon entering the store.

Faster Time to Market

Bring products and promotions to market faster, managing all channels – online, stores, marketplaces, call centers – from the same, cloud-based platform. Launch new products across all channels simultaneously.

Replace Siloed Systems and Reduce Overhead

Tear down the walls between channels while modernizing your POS and saving money. Legacy POS systems typically lack the flexibility of a cloud-based POS, increasing the time and cost of launching new programs and the cost of maintaining multiple systems designed for single-channel use.

Take the Commerce Show on the Road

Pulse Commerce makes your business mobile, modern, and flexible. Bring your POS kit (barcode scanner, cash drawer, credit card swipe, receipt printer) on the road to trade shows and pop-up stores. Your powerful omnichannel commerce suite travels with you, no matter where you are.

Omnichannel Loyalty Programs

Extend your loyalty programs, combining in store and online purchases to drive omnichannel loyalty. Offer gift cards online and in stores, while enabling redemption across all channels.

Flexible Store Management for Modern Retailing

Leverage the flexibility of a cloud-based POS to modernize operations in stores and across all channels.

Daily Activity Reports

Senior management gains a true enterprise wide view of retail activity across all locations and registers. And store managers gain their own detailed view of critical business drivers at the category, product and even customer level.

Manage Permissions

Manage and track day-to-day operations and permissions, for example, which employees can open and close registers.

Use any Payment Processor and Save

Choose the payment processor offering the best rates and terms, instead of the processor tied to your hardware.

Pre-Built Integrations to Help Your Business Scale

Order & Inventory Platform

Pulse Commerce offers native integration with our order and inventory platform, which serves as the central nervous system of your commerce technologies. Maintain a real-time view of orders, inventory and fulfillment across all enterprise systems.  Our built in Product Information Management (PIM) features include product catalog taxonomy, data quality & attribute management, and data synchronization across channels.

Ecommerce Solutions

Native integration with Pulse Commerce Ecommerce Solution is at the core of providing a rich, consistent omnichannel customer experience. Or, choose any of our pre-built integrations with Magento, Shopify and BigCommerce. Alternatively, use our API to connect with any system you choose. Transform your ecommerce storefront with cutting edge capabilities while placing your customers’ online shopping activity in the hands of your store sales associates.

Marketplaces Integration

Native integration with leading marketplaces, including Amazon, eBay and Rakuten, significantly expand reach without expanding infrastructure. Or, integrate easily with third-parties like Channel Advisor, Monsoon Commerce, etc.

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