Pulse Commerce announced today that our cloud based enterprise order management system (OMS) now offers native integration via API with Magento and Shopify’s hugely popular ecommerce storefronts. Magento and Shopify merchants can leverage Pulse Commerce’s robust OMS to offer their customers a more powerful, personalized shopping experience.

Pulse Commerce’s platform maintains a real-time view of enterprise-wide orders, inventory, customers, products & promotions across all fulfillment centers, ecommerce platforms, marketplaces and POS systems.  Armed with this real-time insight, the OMS:

    • Turns orders around faster and more accurately, with intelligent order routing that fulfills orders from the warehouse with the highest inventory or the one closest to the customer.
    • Reduces stockouts by optimizing fulfillment and by even shipping from a store when the warehouse is out of stock.
    • Reduces shipping costs by fulfilling orders from the warehouse closest to the delivery address.
    • Delights customers with real-time order status updates and modern features like click & collect and buy online, return to store.
    • Empowers Contact Centers with the ability to gain instant access to customers, orders and inventory, so they can modify orders or even tell a customer the nearest store with a particular item in stock.

Shopify and Magento retailers also gain deep customer and business insights that were previously only available to much larger retailers.

Pulse Commerce’s order management system has transformed our ability to leverage our Magento e-commerce storefront. We’ve seen improvements across the board with increased customer satisfaction and streamlined back-office productivity by at least 35%

Michael O'Leary

President, BrightLife Go and BrightLife Direct, a fashion compression hosiery company

With Pulse Commerce’s OMS, Shopify and Magento merchants can enable customers to make real-time order changes online, via phone, or in-store, and receive their products faster due to smart warehouse routing. Customers can also choose to ship to their homes or pick up at their local neighborhood store.

We’re just beginning to tap into Pulse Commerce’s 100+ Order and Inventory Management features for Shopify. We’ve heard directly from our customers who say their shopping experience is outstanding.

Chris Patzer

CEO, Buckstaff Public Safety Inc, leading distributor of high quality products for law enforcement, military, fire, and EMS.

Retailers also make more informed business decisions, with advanced reporting tools informed by sales, purchasing, promotion, and inventory data from all systems and supply chains

Pulse Commerce’s new OMS integration with Shopify and Magento gives retailers an unprecedented opportunity to strengthen their operations with powerful warehouse management, point-of-sale insights, full inventory visibility, and flexible order fulfillment. These essential tools give an exceptional omnichannel experience to shoppers and position retailers to leap frog their competitors in the age of Amazon.