Magento and Shopify retailers can now get a 360-degree view of all customer order and demand inventory and offer their customers a unified shopping experience across all devices and channels.

Pulse Commerce announced today that their enterprise-class order management system (OMS) now fully integrates via API with Magento and Shopify’s hugely popular ecommerce storefronts. Magento and Shopify merchants can leverage Pulse Commerce’s robust OMS to get a single, real-time view of all order demand and inventory, and offer customers a powerful, personalized shopping experience.

An order management system is the “brains behind the ecommerce storefront.” Without an order management system, Shopify and Magento retailers don’t have deep customer and business insights that larger retailers do. A strong OMS creates an intuitive shopping experience and drives brand loyalty.
“Pulse Commerce’s order management system has transformed our ability to leverage our Magento’s e-commerce storefront. We’ve seen improvements across the board with increased customer satisfaction and streamlined back-office productivity by at least 35%,” says Michael O’Leary, President of BrightLife Go and Brightlife Direct, a fashion compression hosiery company.

Customers get the same features they’ve come to expect from Fortune 500 brands. Customers can make real-time order changes online, via phone, or in-store, and receive their products faster due to smart warehouse routing. Customers can also choose to ship to their homes or pick up at their local neighborhood store.

“We’re just beginning to tap into Pulse Commerce’s 100+ order management system features that integrate with Shopify. We’ve heard directly from our customers who say their shopping experience is outstanding,” says Chris Patzer, CEO of Buckstaff Public Safety Inc, leading distributor of thousands of high quality products for law enforcement, military, fire, and EMS.

Retailers with Pulse Commerce’s OMS avoid making siloed business decisions since all sales, purchasing, promotions and inventory data is now integrated between all systems and supply chains. Retailers reduce their shipping costs with intelligent order routing and warehouse management since they can now ship directly from their least expensive warehouse, store, distribution center or even drop-ship supplier. Retailers spend smarter with real-time inventory forecasting and drastically reduce out-of-stock challenges.

Customer service call centers are now profit centers since staff have a single view of customer purchase history which allows for more upsell opportunities. Many retailers with Pulse Commerce’s OMS see increases in customer average order value. An order management system also empowers in-store Point-of-Sales (POS) managers to improve customer shopping experiences by offering customers highly relevant product upsells and discounts.

Pulse Commerce’s new OMS integration with Shopify and Magento presents an unprecedented opportunity for retailers to strengthen their operations with powerful warehouse management, point-of-sale insights, full inventory visibility, and flexible order fulfillment. These are essential tools which give an exceptional omni-channel experience to shoppers and position retailers to leap frog their competitors in the age of

About Pulse Commerce
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